In 2017 my stepmother, Cassandra Cohran, died of Breast Cancer. She had a tremendous impact on my life, helping to raise me after my mother died in 1996. After her passing, I created Crowns and Cocktails in homage of her memory. Crowns and Cocktails provides a platform for millennial women to discuss important topics in an inviting social setting. This series works in tandem with Warren + Forrest in providing quality and meaningful experiences for an engaged audience.


Crowns & Cocktails is an Annual Breast Cancer Event targeting millennial woman. Many millennial women do not believe they are at risk of this silent, but deadly form of cancer. Warren + Forrest wishes to humanize this sensitive topic through conversation and fellowship. Crowns & Cocktails begins with a cocktail hour, allowing participants to network and enjoy themselves before the rest of the day unfolds. We then will head over to the “Flower Crown” station. Every woman is a queen in her own right and should embrace her position as a force to be reckoned with. The highlight of the event is our panel "THE BECOMING WOMAN." The panel consists of women from various walks of life that have each been affected by breast cancer.