B3 (Bibles, Brunches, & Bosses) 

This is a monthly meetup group for Christian Entrepreneurs. Every third Saturday we meet to provide motivation to fellow entrepreneurs. There are so many sleepless nights and restless mornings when it comes to being a business owner. This group provides a safe place for you to express your hardships about the business. In this society we love to keep the two things separate, being an Entrepreneur and being a Christian. We are a group that allows you stand tall in your faith, and put God in the forefront of your business. And of course, we do this all over brunch. 

Special Events

Fellowship is one of the foundations that Warren + Forrest is built on. We love hosting unique events to help build the relationship. Technology is moving us into the land of non-communicative relationships. So Warren + Forrest wants to bring back the relationship experience. Each event is built on relationship building. Keeping the fellowship first.


Flower Bar 

"Ready or Not Here We Come." We are popping up in a place near you. Warren + Forrest wants to share our beauty with you. From predesigned arrangements to create your own arrangement, we want you to embrace the intimate experience. So stay on your toes, we are on our way to your neighborhood.  

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Warren + Forrest loves serving people. We believe, "that its not what you said, its how you made them feel." From Hotels to Home Staging to Retails to Closing Gifts. We are looking to enhance the experience when you walk into a space. Leaving the room speechless.  



Warren + Forrest loves love. We love to see the smile on your face when you see our visions collide. We take the most important day of your life, and over exceed your expectation. Giving you the experience that puts a smile in your heart.