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Welcome to Warren + Forrest. When developing Warren + Forrest the first thing that comes to mind is love.  Warren + Forrest is a passionate brand. Warren + Forrest specializes in Faith , Fellowship, and Flowers. This brand embodies love, integrity, quality of service, laughter, life, and philanthropy. Warren + Forrest is here to share this with the world. This is an experience.


Meet Ronisha


Saturday mornings in Memphis, Tennessee were always my favorite. It gave me the opportunity to spend time with my favorite person, my mom. However, it also gave me the opportunity to fall in love with arts & crafts. Serenity, wholeness and peace comes when I start designing. So after my mom died I looked to crafting and designing as a way of escaped. Even as I got older, I worked in a summer camp as an art teacher. It just became a natural thing for me. So when I started to apply for college the first and only place I applied to was O'More College of Design. I was not accepted. Crazy, because instead of pursuing my passion and dream I did what was expected of me, "Go to College."  Even though, I really didn't like school.  For years, I have tried to find what I was passionate about, then I remembered where I was the happiest. With my mom crafting and designing. I never knew that this could be my career.  I never knew that being an event designer could bring me back to a place I use to be. Event designing to me is a way of escape. It gives you the opportunity to dream big, and I love this. I am so glad to share my story with you, it gives you a chance to know the real Ronisha Levy. Happy-go-lucky, fun, an innovator, outgoing, risk-taker, and God-loving. This is who I am. This is me. 



Metro Atlanta, Georgia
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