Farm to Table Experience the Difference

Jim Adams Farm to Table

I love a good meal. Especially when its a healthy meal. This year’s farm to table experience the difference event was nothing short of amazing. Last year, media personality, Madison James, wanted to host this cool concept focusing on where your food comes from. So she brought together this fearless group of female creatives. Enita Thomas, executive chef, Mouthfeel Culinary Co.; Leslie Gordon, head mixologist, Farm to Booze; Shelly McAlister, event planner, Milestones by Meredith. We all had the same goal to bring awareness to others about where our food really comes from.

Madison James Farm to Table

So this year as we geared up for this event we added a few more people to the group. Kara, pastry chef, Dolce Sweet; Kate, calligrapher, little vine letter; Natalia, photographer, Natteats. Madison James is all about pushing the envelope. So this year she wanted to take it up a notch and host this year’s dinner on a farm. Pastures of Rose Creek was the perfect location. She gave us this blank canvas, and we all hit the ground running. Now as we all know the weather in Atlanta has a mind of its on. We had to keep in mind that things could change in an instant. Just as we prepared the plan A turned into plan C. Plan C was the final change. Less than 24 hours before the event.

Farm to Table Dinner

Each person came with their “A” game. Warren + Forrest had to step up their decor game. So why not forage all the greenery. That’s exactly what I did. Okay let me rewind just a bit. My goal was to source all product from local vendors. So when it came to the concept I knew that I wanted lots of color, because of spring. But there had to be some type of WOW factor. In comes the greenery. Since we are in the country surrounded by trees why not add greenery to the table. Let’s just hang it from the ceiling or better yet raise it from the table. I wanted to provide the intimate setting but still provide the WOW factor. Bingo. Mission Accomplished.

Pottery of Rose Creek

Once the table was set we added some extra details to the menu set by adding bay leaves for texture and scent. Oh did I mention, we teamed up with Lori, from Pottery of Rose Creek. She handcrafted the vases used on the table. Each vase was accented with locally sourced flowers from Three Porch Farm.

I wanted to build a different vibe for cocktail hour. This had to be a more social space. Where people can mix and mingle and still receive the same impact of the farm to table experience. We took all the herbs that where used on the menu for the grazing table and cocktails and adding them to the high top tables. Giving the garden vibes.


This year’s Farm to Table Experience the Difference was definitely one for the books. We definitely had a lot of obstacles, however we prevailed and this turned out to be one of the best collaboration I have ever been a part of. Special thanks to Madison James for pushing me to limit. Making me step completely out of my comfort zone and produce something that is authentically organic and different.

As we prep for the next Farm to Table, (Oh you thought we were done, HAHA!) We have to come up with something that will still give the intimate feeling but still add the WOW factor. If you didn’t get to experience this one you do not want to miss out on the next one. Stay Tuned. Coming Fall 2019. Until Next Time.