Let Me Introduce Mr. & Mrs. Parker

The Parkers 2019

I am the first one to be in love with a great love story. So this past weekend, I had the honor and privileged to assist with the flowers for one of my big sisters/friend’s wedding, Kenyatta Holder. I usually do not like doing friends’ weddings, because I never get the opportunity to enjoy the experience. However, this one was a little different. I wanted to be apart of this wedding. I truly love Darius & Kenyatta’s love story.


Darius and Kenyatta met each other when they were twelve years old. That’s right twelve years old. They instantly became best friends. They continued their friendship throughout the years. Both of them becoming married and then divorced. Both having children. Never losing their friendship. A few years ago they wanted to try out a relationship, and guess what it worked. After 25+ years of friendship they gave love a try, and they got it right. They took the leap, and here they are. One man, One woman, and a blended family later. I would love to introduce Mr. & Mrs. Darius Parker.


I am not married, nor have I ever been married. I have been proposed to a few times, but never went through with the marriage. I definitely believe there is a certain love equation that each couple has to have. The friendship + The love = Forever. Now who am I to say that this is accurate, but watching this union allowed me to see pure unconditional love. This small intimate wedding was surrounded with friends and family.


Its Our Party

Nothing too fancy. No big wedding party. Just a flower girl (groom’s daughter), one Maid of Honor (wife’s daughter), one groomsmen (wife’s son), and Best Man. That’s it. They kept it short and sweet. And I loved it. This wedding was totally about them. They made sure, to enjoy their special day. There energy was very uplifted and over joyed with love from each person. When the bride walked down the aisle there was no dry eye in the place.

“Mission Accomplished, “ said Kenyatta.


Bridal Bouquet

Even though this wedding was intimate it had a lot of personality. The bride wanted this to be a wedding full of spring and color. So I just had to do what I was told, and add color. This intimate wedding was in a cute and petite cottage style house in the West side of Atlanta, Georgia. The Ceremony backdrop was dressed with 1,000 handcrafted cranes. With a highlighted pink ombre ceremony aisle. The groom literally the best dressed groom I have ever had. He had a custom tailored green (I can’t think of a fancy name for the green, lol) suit. The bride had a custom designed wedding gown. The wedding florals had to compliment and not compete. Pinks, Yellows, and Oranges, oh my! The bridal bouquet were filled with locally sourced peonies, ranunculus, and poppies. The groom’s bout was highlighted with freesia and locally sourced ranunculus.


Mr. & Mrs. Parker have great chemistry. An unbreakable bond, and a solid foundation. Which sends them into the Warren + Forrest Couple Hall of Fame.


Happily Ever After