Livin la Vida Loewy


The more I focus on my ideal client the more God sends them my way. Its so funny how I met Felicia Ruiz-Loewy. She was the moderator for the working woman panel for HerMarket. She had such a strong presence. Her confidence level was through the roof. She was a woman trailblazer! She is a business owner. She is a community leader, and she is an all around girl boss. So it’s no coincidence that we connected. Her drive is simply impeccable. She brought to my attention, that we had previously met the day before at the Lola. (totally did not know who she was).

“Girl, I see you did the hanging arrangement, Felicia said, I need a florist for my wedding.” I laughed it off because I knew that I wasn’t good enough for this strong woman. However, she totally believed in Warren + Forrest. I kinda ignored her and said okay whatever girl. Just contact me through, Instagram. Once again we saw each other at HERMARKET: Spring. Then, she said it again; “I want you to do the flowers for my weddings.” This time I kinda believed her, but I still couldn’t believe that she wanted to work with me.


It’s True

Of course, she reached out to me and we setup our initial first meeting. What is crazy is I was late, because I was scared shitless. Scared that I wouldn’t live up to her expectation. Nevertheless, she believed in Warren + Forrest.

The Turning Point

Felicia was definitely not your typical bride. Her entire concept was having a party. She really didn’t care about everyone else. This celebration was all about her and her fiance. That’s when I knew that she is my client. She wanted the experience to be around her and her fiance. Everything was so non-traditional. They didn’t have a typical cocktail hour or even reception. She wanted a party. (hints the hashtag #livinlavidaloewy) Now, they did have a traditional ceremony for the families.

In Walks the Man


Normally I would meet the man the day of. He usually is not that vocal he just knows he loves his fiancee. Oh not, Otto Loewy, this man was very vocal. He knew exactly what he wanted. He didn’t ask for a lot, he just requested to watch the soccer game at the reception. That’s not to hard to ask. When you look at them you can definitely tell that he loves Felicia.


Happy Ever Loewy

This couple is forever dating. Just watching them in action is so awesome. Their flirt is so awesome. They flirt with each other like high schoolers. One of the things that sticks out to me about them is, Felicia said to me in her consultation, “Love is Easy.” ”It should not be hard. When you know, you know.” These two are the life of their party and it was an honor to execute their vision.